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My name is Teri Manalastas and I am the President of Ally Health Care, Inc. I started Ally 10 years ago when seeing such a need for a good, honest, transparent,  billing company.  I watched to many practices go under due to poor billing companies.   I started to do research and noticed the number one problem was the lack of follow through.  When dealing with insurance companies the need for consistent follow through is number one, or your claims will just fall through the cracks.  I since then designed my company as if we were doing billing for family.  With this in mind, no claim goes untouched, we fight for every claim,  we bill and collect for every claim. We here at Ally strive to be your all in one  Health Services company: Billing, accounts Receivable, Credentialing, Utilization Review, authorizations, as well as verification of benefits .  Simply put  you finally have an ally in the medical billing industry.