Welcome to 2018


Welcome to 2018

“I want to lose weight.”  

“This year I’ll pay off my car.”  

“2018 is my year to get into shape for my wedding. . .graduation photos. . .vacation to Hawaii.”  

New Year’s Resolutions. They’re something most of us make, but few of us stick too. For decades, gyms across the nation report a spike in membership and attendance, but just as consistently, report that it only lasts a few months.  

The purpose behind these resolutions is to push us toward a better future. But, a better future often means more than just our own future. How about those around us in the community? Could one of our resolutions be to help others? Volunteer at a charity? Donate our time and energy at an animal shelter? There are so many in our area that are in need. 

As an Occupational Therapist, I have had the opportunity to help people. Many of those that I’ve helped over the years had nowhere else to turn and no one else to rely on. They were down on their luck, or made a poor decision, or even lost everything through no fault of their own. Whatever the reason, I had the opportunity to help them turn their life around and regain their independence. 

There’s something truly profound about helping someone walk, stand, get dressed, and use the bathroom for the first time in years. To help someone grow strong, regain balance, and improve endurance so they can once again rely on themselves has been a blessing I have trouble putting into words. 

One really great thing about 2018 is that it’s a great place to start over, regain your spirit, and make plans for the future. Reflecting back on this past year, I’ve learned from my mistakes as well as from my successes. The point here is to renew our spirit so that our energy will always remain positive and moving forward toward better things. It might take some time, effort and planning, but it’s more than just a wishful thought or resolution that disappears in a few months.  

For me, it’s about surrounding myself with great people and seeking out great opportunities to help others. That’s how I found Arbor Therapy. 

Arbor Therapy has given me the opportunity to touch the lives of even more people within my community. It’s a fact of life that every day someone has an accident, gets sick, suffers a stroke, or is born with a disability. While there may not be anything we can do to prevent unfortunate things from happening, there are places people can go to get better. With staff that are highly skilled and eager to help, Arbor Therapy is one of those places.  

May 2018 be filled with positive life experiences for all who read this blog. I wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year and look forward to meeting anyone that needs our help.