New Year's 'Love'


New Year's 'Love'

Let me first begin by saying Happy New Year to all, let's make 2018 shine! It's time to reflect on this passing year and write down ways that we can reach for the stars. Each year I create a vision board filled with all things I would like to accomplish including both long and short-term goals. Every person has unique desired targets that will better their future whether it's reaching that goal weight, working hard to get that raise, or being able to say "I love you" to someone special in their life. 

The words, "I love you" have more meaning to me now as ever before. As a parent, one of the best things to hear from my son is, "I love you mommy"; best feeling in the world! Since working in this field, I happen to be lucky enough to work with an amazing teenager who is nonverbal but very determined to reach his goal to communicate.  

When I began working with this joyful teen, I spoke with his parents and asked if they would be open to using ASL (American Sign Language) with their child. They agreed and stated that it was worth a try. All they really wanted was to be able to communicate with their son. As soon as I got the O.K. I created sign language worksheets and introduced them to about 5 signs every other week that could be used to express his wants and needs. He did very well and was able to catch on to these signs (especially his favorites) fairly quickly and his parents were overjoyed. 

While we continued working together, I was determined to finally give him the tools to be able to express the three words that every parent waits for their child to tell them! When I introduced these signs to him, he lit up with such excitement and just knew how he was going to use them. Within two weeks, both his mother and father approached me with tears in their eyes and told me that one night before going to sleep, their son walked into their room and for the very first time told them, 'I love you'. Moments like these, are a key example of why I love what I do at Arbor Therapy!  

So, this year remember to create goals, stay determined and shoot for the stars! Have a happy and healthy New Year's from all of us at Arbor Therapy; the sky is the limit!