Being Thankful this Holiday Season


Being Thankful this Holiday Season

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season—family, friends, and our health to name a few. Reflecting back on the past year, I have come to realize how much I really have in my life to be thankful for, and why Physical Therapy has been such a big part of it all.  

When I was seventeen years of age, my grandmother was out in her garden tending to the many plants she grew. Even in her advanced age, the woman never slowed down because of aches and pains. We never even thought about her being at risk of falling—she seemed so sure-footed and agile for her age. That all changed one hot summer day. 

I’ll never forget going outside and seeing her lying on her back amongst the vegetables and rose bushes. At first, I thought she might have passed out from the summer heat. I rushed over to help her sit up, but soon realized she’d been injured—having tripped over one of the many avocado tree roots in the yard. The ambulance took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken hip, which we learned was quite common among women her age.  

It wasn’t until she was discharged from the hospital that we realized the real work had just begun. She was medically stable, no longer in danger of going into shock or death but she couldn’t walk. The pain in her hip was still uncontrolled and she looked so incredibly sad—unable to hop up and make a meal, tend to her garden, or even feed her beloved miniature poodle. Two days later, my father and I took her to the first of many physical therapy appointments, and it changed my world forever.  

As I watched the therapist help my grandmother stand, I was in awe. The way he placed his hand on her leg to help stabilize it, so she could take her first steps while using a walker—I’ll never forget that feeling. I don’t know who cried more that day, me, my dad, or my grandmother. All I know is, she got better. Soon, she was able to walk around without any help from us. Eventually, she stopped using the walker and cane all together, much to the surprise of the entire family.  

From that very first physical therapy appointment I attended, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I started looking into therapy schools and made sure I qualified to attend them—graduating years later with a degree allowing me to do for your grandmother, what that therapist had done for mine.  

I am truly grateful for my career in physical therapy which allows me to help others when they need it the most. I am also grateful to have a clinic like Arbor Therapy to call home. An innovative and progressive company filled with happy clinicians and clients is a place where you and your family can find the help you need.  

From our family to yours, we at Arbor Therapy would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.