Teresa Corless, Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)

I knew early in my childhood that I wanted to work in the field of Physical Therapy. Helping others restore and/or gain mobility and independence is truly rewarding!

I graduated in 1991 from Southern Illinois University with my PTA degree and have over 25 years of experience in the field of Physical therapy.   My experience spans a variety of settings/clientele.  I have treated clients ranging in age from Pediatrics to Geriatrics in the Home Health setting, hospital setting and Outpatient/clinic setting and skilled nursing setting.  I have extensive experience treating strictly Orthopedic conditions (hips, knees , shoulders, etc....)or strictly Neurological conditions (Parkinson's, Strokes, CP, etc...) and love the challenge of putting it all together to treat the medically complex client with both Orthopedic and Neurological considerations. 

Helping others gain function and independence is truly rewarding, making Physical Therapy the occupation that gives back!!!